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Welcome to KB Barman!

I’m Kevin Barrett, KB Barman himself, and as I previously mentioned I happen to be a better bartender than you. But my goal is to change that! You may be asking yourself what an entrepreneurial bartender from Philly has to offer, and I’m happy to fill you in. After working 20+ years behind the bar I started to realize that my knees were sore, my back ached, and my joints couldn’t keep up with my external youth. I decided to take all of my insider knowledge and open Dram and Draught, a craft cocktail and whiskey bar. Our first location opened in Raleigh, NC in 2016 and we have since opened two additional locations with two more on the way. For my non-math friends, that’s soon-to-be five!
To further my expertise, and to add some fancy titles to my name, I became a Sommelier, Executive Bourbon Steward, and Cicerone for good measure. If you made it this far give yourself a round of applause or just pour another round; I prefer the latter. Stick around and find recipes and tips for the home bartender, the professional cocktail connoisseur, and everyone in between.


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